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10PCS Bayonet Cartridge / Screw Cartridge Micro Needles For Derma Pen 9/12/24/36/42/ Nano Needles for Electric Dr. Pen Cartridge

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10PCS Bayonet Cartridge Screw Cartridge Micro Needles For Derma Pen 9/12/24/36/42/ Nano Needles for Electric Dr. Pen Cartridge

Less noise, beautifully packaged, 5-speed variable speed
It is fit for 9PIN needles, 12PIN needles, 24PIN needles,36PIN needles, 42PIN needles, 3D nano square needle,5D nano square needle,Round nano needle nanometer wafer, nanometer crystal multiple needles !
It can be used for micro - based foundation, gestational lip, gestational trichiasis, gestational eyebrow, gestational hair,remove dead skin,exfoliate,speckle and facial care( increase absorption,make your face brighter and smooth)

Nanochip material is high purity single crystal silicon,The surface of the nanochip of a 49 micron length(1mm=1000 micron) tip arrangement,broken epidermis promotes absorption,promote cell regeneration,the 3D nanochip area length is 3mm,5D nanochip area length is 5mm,Nanochip use nanoscale contacts,can be as thin as 80 nanometers,as short as 0.1mm,just open the horniness of the skin,will not touch the dermis.It not only solves the problem of skin absorption, but also makes it painless and non-invasive.

3D square nanochip functions :eye cilia; pregnancy mirage; repairing red blood; eye bags; dark circles and other eye problems; light acne marks, light acne pits, acne, blemishes, introduction of liquid essence, water, various MTS care for normal skin.

5D square nanochip functions: eye cilia,pregnacy mirage,deep acne marks, deep acne pits, facial masks, stretch marks and other skin care of items.

Round nanochip functions: leading water, freeze-dried powder, MTS pro-lip surgery, daily care of skin.

Nano wafers 1-2 times a week,10 times for one treatment,
It is recommended to use 2 treatment continuously for better effect,
One place stay no more than 3 seconds,Repeatedly no more than 3 times,
The point method is recommended for home self-care advice,
The circular method is recommended to operate under professional guidance.
Do not touch the operating part with clean water within 6-8 hours to anti cross infection.

Brand Name JBMBHC
Origin CN(Origin)
Microneedle Length <0.25mm
Material Poly Carbonate + Stainless Steel
Power Source None Electric
Item 9 /12/ 24/36 pin/ Nano Needle Cartridge
Derma Pen Type Screw Port, Bayonet Port
Quantity 10 PCS
Type Tattoo Cartridge Needles With Cap
Usage Replacement Needles for Electric Derma Pen