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100PCS 7/14/15 in 1 Drinking Water Test Strip PH Bromine Nitrate Water Quality Test For Aquarium Fish Tank Pool Water Test Strip

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Bullet Points:
1、15 in 1 Water Test:Total alkalinity,pH,Hardness,iron,copper,Lead,Nitrate,Nitrite and other 15 projects in total,Water quick test, provides results in a matter of seconds
2、Health: Test strips are Suitable for drinking water, aquarium, fish tank, swimming pool and spa, industrial water, pond, hot spring water testing
3、professionl:High-quality water tester with precise colour coordination and high sensitivity,Use professional health drinking water test strips to test water quality standards.
4、.Easy to use: Dip the drinking water test paper into the water for2 seconds, hold it in the air for about 1min,then adjust the color of the bottle back to get the reading.
5、Easy to carry:100 pieces,water quality should be tested weekly, Drinking water test strips are easy to handle even for beginners.
Name: 15-in-1 Water Quality Test Strip
Accuracy: 96%
Quantity: 100pcs
Material: PET
Certification: FDA, CE, ISO
Advantage: anti-VC interference ability
Scope of application: Suitable for testing of drinking water, aquariums, fish tanks, swimming pools and spas, industrial water, ponds, hot springs, etc.
15 tests: PH, residual chlorine, total chlorine, hardness, total alkali, copper, iron, lead, nitrate, nitrite, carbonate, fluorine, bromine, iodine, cyanuric acid.

Testing Method:
1. Immerse the reaction area of the test strip in the test solution for 1-2 seconds, remove the test strip, and shake off the excess water on it.
2. After 1 minute, compare the reaction zone of the test strip with the color of the color chart to determine the test value of the test solution.
3. The colorimetric time should be controlled at about 1min. If the time is too long or too short, it will affect the reading.

Packing List:
1*Bottle of Water Test Strip

1. Do not touch the test area of the reagent strip.
2. After removing the test strips, keep the remaining test strips sealed and protected from light.
3. Try to keep the liquid to be tested as colorless or light-colored as possible.
Origin CN(Origin)
Model Number Water Test Strip
is_customized Yes
style2 aquarium test
style3 aquarium water test
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